MESPA Presentation 11.06.15


Click the photo above to download the opening Power Point – I highly recommend you follow all of the Principals mentioned!

Learning By Doing: Twitter

Step 1: Create a Twitter Account: Visit Keep your user name short – with 140 characters, every character counts!


Step 2: Build Your PLN: Find your team members on Twitter and follow them!

tweetStep 3: Composing a Tweet: In the upper right hand corner of your screen, click on the ‘Compose Tweet’ button. Compose a tweet sharing one take away from Kim Marshall’s key note. Add the hashtag #MESPAChat to your tweet.

searchStep 4: Using the Search Function to Follow Job Alikes: In the upper right hand corner of your screen, there is a search field. Type your job title (e.g. Elementary Principal) into the search field. On the results page, click on ‘Accounts.’ All of these people mentioned being an elementary principal in their profile. Click on their bolded name or their Twitter handle to open their profile. Find one person who interests you and follow him/her! 
nameStep 5: Using the Search Function to Follow a Specific Person: Type my name, Julie Vincentsen, into the search field. Click the follow button if you want to follow me. This is how you would then search for people by name on Twitter.
hashtagStep 6: Hashtags: Use the search field to find #MESPAChat.
likeStep 7: Liking & Retweeting: On the #MESPAChat, find a post someone else wrote that you find interesting – favorite it and retweet it. You will see that you can add a comment that will appear above the retweeted quote – it is not required though!
DMStep 8: Direct Messaging: On the top left of your screen, click on the ‘Messages’ button. Follow the steps to send one of your followers a message. This is how you send a private message to someone through Twitter – there also is not a character limit. 
Step 9: Use Twitter to Get Ideas: Think of a question you have about Twitter (or anything related to education). Compose a tweet asking that question to the #MESPAChat community. Be sure to include the # in your tweet.
listsStep 10: Subscribe to Lists: Find my profile again. To the right of my picture, click on the word lists. This will bring you to a page of all of the lists I either subscribed to or created. Scroll down and find ‘Elementary Principals.’ This feed represents the tweets of the 426 elementary administrators who I added to this list. Creating a list like this allows you to filter your feed. If you hit the ‘subscribe’ button, this list will be added to your list of lists 🙂 Do you want to be added? Send me a tweet and I will be sure to add you!

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